Birthlight training resources - update

This dedicated website includes not only the guideline for completing coursework but above all, the tools you may need to market your classes and update your training knowledge via the latest birthlight training resources. This website will not be static and the tutors will be regularly posting new training resources for your own benefit. It replaces the resources currently previously found in the members area.

The system is available to birthlight members only, to access the system please use the following link:

The username and password were initially set to the same as for the birthlight members area. If you've subsequently changed the password please continue to use that. There is a lost password feature if you've forgotten.

You will have access relevant to the birthlight courses that you have taken.
If your membership has expired, we'd invite you to rejoin. The annual membership fee will also give you access to the teacher listing on our main website and is still only £55.00!  Please contact Renata to rejoin

The resources are split into three main areas:

teaching resources - categorised by the main teaching streams down to individual courses. General resources, coursework forms, videos, research links, FAQs

set up & promote - starting your business, promoting classes, promotional materials, using social media and online resources

membership - info about birthlight membership, insurance, benefits, CPD

If you need any assistance using the system, have feedback or maybe some suggestions for further resources please let us know

We hope you gain benefit from the resources.

Best wishes Sally

Sally Lomas
Birthlight Director of Training


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